About me

Tabea is a Spiritual Coach and current university student in a linguistics and educational science degree in Germany, a human rights and freedom enthusiast, nature lover, and traveler soul, whose life mission is a deep change in all aspects of life, but overall spiritual and personal transformation in a modern and self-empowering way. 6 years ago, she began to educate herself about self-development by books, people and videos, and from there on she grew into a self-empowered, soul-driven woman, ready to expand consciousness and healing on a personal and global level. After finishing school, she traveled through Latin America on her own for 5 months, which gave her another kickoff towards independence and more, and also was the beginning of her sustainability journey. Since then, a vegan and on the road to-minimalistic lifestyle as well as continuing spiritual self-development programs shape her daily life. Other than that, she is a huge advocate of conscious living, feminism, and self-reflection and spends her time outside, making music and writing.

My Goals

My goal is to increase consciousness and awareness for the things that help us heal ourselves and create a joyful, positive present, and future for humanity and this planet. Another one is to have people connecting with their true self, so we can shed the layers of conditioning and reach out to our true inner purpose. Therefore, the most powerful way is to choose love, compassion, and self-empowerment to be of service to ourselves and the world.

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