About me

Sandra is a Responsible Tourism Manager, Storyteller, Endangered Wildlife, and Marine Conservationist. After completing her Master of Sustainable Tourism Management at the University of Eberswalde in Germany, she was searching to find a career combining her passion for wildlife conservation and tourism and found herself in the jungles of India while working on projects to save the last wild tiger populations in the world. The ocean is another calling of hers. Since a very young age, she is a professional Scuba diver and recently got certificated as a freediver in the Galapagos Islands. Marine conservation through responsible tourism is another specialized field of hers. On her account @sandrasophietravels, she combines her knowledge and experiences and creates stories with the purpose to raise awareness for our wonderful wild planet especially for endangered wildlife, the jungles and our oceans.

My Goals

Travellers: Her mission is to help, teach and inspire passionate travellers how to take part in the movement of being a responsible traveller and show their impact by teaching them how to travel mindfully, what choices to make and why good tourism is important for the people, endangered wildlife and the world.
Businesses: Through her in-depth knowledge in responsible business studies and Social Entrepreneurship she is also keen in helping tourism businesses from hotels, gastronomies, destinations and travel agencies to build up a responsible tourism model which helps the environment, local people but also guests making better and easier choices.

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