About me

Philip is a plant-based nutritionist, specializing in Integrative and Sports Nutrition. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and has lived in various countries in Europe. He currently resides near Barcelona, Spain. Philip works with international pro athletes, from ATP tennis to pro soccer players. He is also currently Club Nutritionist for the world’s first all-vegan international rugby club, the Green Gazelles. Philip also works with a variety of “non athlete” clients. He has written and published a book in 2019, “You are Beautiful: A New Perspective on Health and Nutrition.” Philip also teaches nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and yoga philosophy at bi-annual yoga teacher trainings in Thailand.

My Goals

Philip’s goal is to create a deeper understanding of the principles of using plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse major diseases by using food as medicine. Each of us has a unique blueprint for optimal well-being. Philip’s approach to nutrition is 100% plant based and personalised to empower each person to take control of the footprint they leave on the earth and themselves. He helps each person work toward a “deep health” approach to living, co-creating positive habits for nutrition, hydration, sleep, and mindfulness. His holistic approach allows each person to find their own balance and to pursue sustainable health and performance on a daily basis. After all, optimal performance isn’t just for athletes. It’s what we can all strive for everyday!

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