About me

As the CEO and founder of a non-profit company, Olivia has considerable experience as an environmental fund-raiser and public speaker/educator. She has a passion for business, social entrepreneurship & conservation as well as an awareness of the importance of sound corporate governance. Since completing her bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy, Olivia has been working as an ESG analyst and sustainability consultant with the leading pan-African sustainability consultancy firm. Olivia’s dream is to make sustainability sexy and accessible to the masses while finding solutions to resolve conflicts between environmental resource demands and human resource demands.

My Goals

Olivia hopes to encourage people to take their first step in setting up their own charity or non-profit company and designing these organisations to be as high impact as possible. Olivia is especially good at working with young people and children who feel disempowered and want to find their voices to make change - whether that change be species conservation, biodiversity protection or sustainable event management. For corporates and organisations, Olivia can help design environmental and social action plans to make companies more sustainable by embedding ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles into daily operations as well as identifying relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to align the company to.

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