“No TIme to waste”

The eBook “No Time To Waste” is a guide to Plastic Pollution, Global Systems, and Localised Action. By giving you an introduction to zero waste living, the local and globalized impacts of our personal consumption, and practical tips and guidance on how you can take control of your waste. Towards the end of the book, we lay out some of the steps that you can take to reduce your waste in your home, galvanise your community into action and contribute to tackling the plastic pollution crisis at a global level. Your actions can and will change the world.

1 EBOOK = 1 kg TRASH removed


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Help yourself - help the world

JUST €9.99


We are honoured to be partnering with two phenomenal grassroots plastic advocacy organisations with this eBook.

Gili Eco Trust’s mission is to turn Gili Trawangan into a sustainable island and was founded in 2000. They aim to promote ecotourism and protect coral reefs. The Gili Eco Trust has a special focus on ensuring that all waste created on Gili Trawangan is reduced to minimum levels and managed and separated properly for recycling projects where materials can be transported off the island. The other partner organisation who will be helping us remove plastic from the ocean is the Bali-based organisation Mudfish No Plastic. The Mudfish No Plastic team has a strong focus on youth education and empowerment. Mudfish No Plastic is a relatively new organisation, founded in 2017, who will build greater capacity for impact in the coming years

our Goal:

The target is to remove 1000 kg of plastic waste from the ocean within one year. Help us reach the goal by purchasing the eBook and inviting your friends to do the same! Let’s create a positive impact together!


(You will receive a personalized video of the 1kg trash removed from our partners Mudfish No Plastic or Gili Eco Trust)


Help us reach the goal by
purchasing the ebook

JUST €9.99