About me

Nila Patty has been living a Zero waste Lifestyle since January 2016. She started her journey while pursuing her master degree in Medical Biology with specialization of Science, Management, and Innovation from Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Coming from a country when nature is so close to you yet got destroy by minutes makes her want to protect it.

Her passion for plastic pollution raised when she felt that there were not that many actions going on around her in regards to tackling the plastic pollution problem. Therefore, she took the matter in her own hand and started to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

She is currently the head of research and education at Zero Waste Indonesia and Founder of Nonanoplastic Zero Waste Lifestyle. She is also part of the Action for Climate Empowerment working group at the Youth Constituency within the UNFCCC.

Since she starts her zero waste journey, Nila has given numerous workshops, lectures, and talks related to zero waste lifestyle and plastic pollution topics. She is the living proof of how you can start from yourself to change the world.

My Goals

So, in this opportunity, she would like to invite you to dive into the wasteful side of the environment and learn how to turn it around just from your home. Because each and every one of us is a president, a minister, and a conservationist in our home. Because you have to start your journey from a small step from your own home.

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