Kay Ska

About me

Kay is a Certified Coach, Social Media Consultant, Blogger and Activist. She has began her vegan and sustainability journey in 2016. And since then has been passionate about spreading awareness around those subjects. She’s also passionate about helping, educating and motivating people to find ways of living a more sustainable lifestyle without getting too overwhelmed by it.

My Goals

To spread awareness around Veganism, Sustainability and Zero Waste Living. As well as to educate and help people to see what impact their choices have on the planet and how to live a more conscious life for ourselves and for the planet.

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Pure Clean Earth


Social Impakt

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Social Impakt

Social Impakt provides high-impact ceramic water filters to improve
access to clean drinking water for rural communities in Indonesia. Their mission is to bring simple, eco-friendly life changing and enhancing technologies like water filters, solar lamps to remote areas (the last mile) and urban centers.

Nazava Water Filters are appliances to purify water at the household level without the need to boil water, use electricity, buy water. Using it improves health, increases disposable income and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It enables households to access clean drinking water.