About me

Joshua is a climate advocate and circular economy enthusiast. He is the founder of Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) – where he is leading the establishment of the first community-led circular economy project in Ghana which provide community-based enterprise models, green jobs and applies circular economy principles to agriculture, food systems, and the waste management sector. He has an academic background in environmental risks and climate adaptation from the United Nations University in Bonn, Germany. Practically, he is engaged in several international climate initiatives and focuses on climate change adaptation, and empowering young people to effectively influence climate policy. He served as a youth advisor in the planning and delivery of the first UN Youth Climate Summit in 2019 and the first-ever IRENA Youth Forum in 2020. He has over 4 years’ experience in project development, organization management, and business development to support the growth of green initiatives and private sector organizations.

My Goals

To share my experience and network to support climate activists to effectively influence climate policies and provide guidance on project and organization management to start-ups and organizations that seek to implement high social and environmental impact initiatives.

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