About me

Jen is a teacher, mom and advocate who helps people build a family culture around veganism. She revolutionized her home 3 years ago, going from a typical meat eating family to one with a vision; conscious living through compassion and acts of service. Her kids flourished in their new mission to help the planet. As a creator of 60 second videos on Instagram, her talent continues to inspire kids and parents alike.

My Goals

To help you confidently make a lasting lifestyle change. Jen will guide you through food swaps, veganizing your favorite family meals as well as making sure that your kids are meeting all their nutritional needs. She will also help with any social pressures that may be holding you back. What will my extended family think? What about holidays? What about birthday parties? What if my kid wants something that isn't vegan?

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January 2022

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Pure Clean Earth

Bali Animal Wellfare


Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

North Bali Reef Conservation