Free Consultation for Charities

Whether you need fundraising training or project development support, we offer a free, full spectrum consultation program to help charities achieve their mission and goals

At Coaching for Cause our guiding principle is help yourself, help the world. Our Free Consultation Program for Charities is one way that we as a team make this happen.

We offer a full spectrum consultation program for charities and non-profit organisations who need technical and development support.

As a team we observed that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of grassroots organisations around the world who just need that little boost, a little tweak in a workflow or a little update on technical know-how to be working at maximum impact and efficiency. We understand that grassroots organisations are run by small teams who are multi-tasking in high-pressure environments.

The Consultation Program for Charities is our opportunity to offer the outstanding grassroots initiatives the hand up they need to amplify their impact.

The Free Consultation Program for Charities includes support with social media, fundraising, content creation, project management, leadership and impact measurement. Just as with our Eco Marketing Consultancy Service (cross link) our free consultancy is tailored to suit every organisation we work with. We work with our core team and call upon the coaches most aligned to your cause to offer an actionable plan and full support along the way.

Social Media – Social Media is such a powerful community building tool. By communicating your work to the world through images, storytelling and video, we can help you generate loyal donors and advocates.

Fundraising – We love raising money! It’s an energy intensive process that often falls down the priority list of busy organisations until a crisis hits. We have created a successful fundraising formula that guarantees results and is an efficient return on time.

Content Creation – While you and your team are out doing the good work, are you documenting what you’re up to? We can help you create content that tells your story and create a content creation workflow that doesn’t distract from the day-to-day work on the ground.

Project Management – Having a great idea and delivering on a great idea are two very different things. Effective project management is essential to the success of a grassroots organisation and the forward planning benefits from having a diverse set of experiences to call upon. Our team can support you in designing and implementing the projects your cause needs.

Leadership: Often grassroots organisations are set up by folks with a burning passion and a commitment to make a difference whether alone or in a team. When the time comes to expand your team, you need to have the leadership skills to keep everything moving. Our coaches have a wealth of actionable leadership wisdom to share.

Impact Measurement – Impact Measurement is often thought as daunting or something that can be put off until later. It’s not and it can’t! We can help you to successfully measure your impact and document those big, and little, wins so that you can apply for funding and prove to your supporters you’re right on track.

If you run an organisation and would like our help, please fill out this form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.