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In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of human-wildlife conflicts in Sumatra…especially in Aceh Timur.


In order to mitigate the impacts, we plant to support the restoration of a couple of hundred hectares of forest to connect fragmented areas of the elephant corridor, allowing elephants to migrate as well as reducing the economic loss of communities from human-wildlife conflicts.


We partnered up with HAkA and FKL to plant trees within the Leuser Ecosystem.


Your tree will be planted on the land surrounding the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) Serbajadi is located in Aceh Timur District, and is within the key lowland forests on the Leuser Ecosystem. This CRU is a base for patrolling rangers who work for HAkA and Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL) alongside the government’s conservation patrol elephant unit. These ranger patrol units protect this area of Leuser that is rich in biodiversity of plant and wildlife species, but it is also an area that is fertigle for cultivation and plantations. 


Our target is to plant 400 trees which is equivalent to reforesting 1 hectare of critical wildlife habitat in the Leuser Ecosystem by the end of 2020.


Help us to achieve the goal – Please donate! 

Restoring Critical Wildlife Habitat – Plant Trees in Sumatra

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