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The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the largest organization (NGO) in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation and preservation of the nation’s endangered plant and animal species. They are heavily involved in the recent tragedy as Ile aux Algrettes, an island nature reserve that they manage has been impacted by the oil spill. 


Here is what happened: The devastating oil spill came about after a tanker ran aground on a coral reef in the Indian Ocean on 25 July, while en route from China to Brazil.


More than 800 tonnes of petroleum products has spilled into the sea after ship began leaking due to crack in its hull over the past week…although the rest of oil from ships fuel reservoirs had been pumped out – the grounded ship has now split apart, with remaining fuel spreading into the turquoise waters of Mauritius…


Mauritius is a conservation hotspot with a high concentration of plants and animals unique to the region. It has taken place near two environmentally protected marine ecosystems and the Blue Bay Marina Park reserve, which is a wetland of international importance.


It’s an absolute disaster for the locals of Mauritius, their economy, marine life, coral reefs and biodiversity too!


Our goal with Coaching for Cause is to support the important work of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation throughout this crisis!


Help us save the reef, protect wildlife and their habitat – Please donate!

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