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HAkA is an Aceh based NGO. Their name stands for Hutan, Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (Forest, Nature, and Environment of Aceh).


Bali’s economy has been suffering with the reduction of tourism and many people have lost their job during the pandemic. It is reported that approximately IDR 85 trillion of income from the tourism sector has been lost due to the pandemic and caused an increase in unemployment rate to 5.63%. Many are unfortunately the youth with ages between 18-35 years old. 


Given this date, we need a solution that does not only revive the economy but also make sure it is resilient to face future challenges. Therefore, Ethical created a 9-month green entrepreneurship incubation program called „Youth Sustainability Entrepreneurship Incubation“ with the focus on strengthening the resilience of Bali’s economy in three industries: craft, agri-food, and the sustainable-tourism sectors. 



The program targets Balinese youth within the age 18 to 35 years, focusing on those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Designed to create immediate employment opportunities and long term skills advancement, the Bali YSEI is designed around three phases: knowledge improvement, capacity building, and business development. 


Coaching for Cause will support this program by hosting guest workshops on the ground and providing the participants access to our online sustainability education platform.


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