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Bali Animal Welfare Association is an NGO that works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Bali and beyond.


In the wake of COVID-19, it seems as though the entire island is struggling financially, and as a result, we are seeing more abandoned, starving dogs than ever before, and countless dumped litters of puppies and kittens whose families cannot afford to feed or care for their animals. Despite already struggling with limited funding, resources and space, BAWA has no choice but to take in as many abandoned animals as they can.


They have received over thirty new abandoned animals in the last few days, many of them newborns. 


BAWA has ramped up their workforce to deal with this crisis and are now sending out eight street-feeding teams island-wide seven days a week – feeding approximately a thousand dogs a day.


BAWA is in desperate need for donations to pay for medications and vaccines for new rescues, food and medicine for our street-feeders, supplies and equipment for the ambulance teams, and of course the staff to run all of theses life-saving programs!


Our goal with Coaching for Cause is to support this amazing organization to help to save more animals on the island. 


Help animals in need – Please donate!

Bali Animal Welfare Association

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